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Hi there! My name is Michelle and I am Everlasting Photos! Over the years photography has become my passion and upmost delight, specially Children and Family Photography. I love capturing the essence of family connection and the innocence of childhood in my images. I like my sessions to be fun and relaxing, so most of my sessions consists of families interacting with each other and playing around. 

I am a people person, so don’t get surprise if I talk to you and your little ones throughout our time together or  crack a few jokes here and there. I am a mother of a beautiful little girl, who you can see on my “contact” page, her name is Serena and I love her to pieces.  Originally, I am from the Dominican Republic but have been in Boston for more 17 years! I do speak fluent Spanish and absolutely love dancing! 

My goal is to create memories for you and your family out of my images. I want you to see your photographs and remember how great of a time you had and the importance of that moment in time for you and your family. So, hopefully you allow me to do that for you. I hope you allow me to create memories that will last a lifetime and can be cherished forever!